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Black Star Records members allow access to some of the best-priced vinyl in the world.

Members get access to digital gig clubs, a place to talk, share and support their favourite artists. The Black Star Records 25 gives members a chance to create their ultimate 25 lists, continually telling the story of our shared musical landscape. All Black Star Records members get a discounted price guaranteed. But at the heart of everything we do, we are a community that supports artists.

We have live gig club, festival trips, live events, online forums and access to online gigs. Whilst knowing that the bigger we grow, the more we can support the musical community directly. A third of all our profits will be given to the Musicians Benevolent Fund every year. So, don’t just click and pay – join a community of music lovers and give back - be a ‘star’ and invest in a shared passion.

The first 1000 members will get a guaranteed membership price for life and will receive an additional £10 discount code every quarter in the first year of membership. So, come on, what are you waiting for, become a Black Star Records member.

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Black Star Records is a business that has been born out of love. Love not only of music and the collection of it but the determination, passion and loyalty that is created from collecting and developing a physical music collection.

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