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Bespoke, Value, Community, Own it.


We will send you a Album of the week, Month, Black Star Classic or a Highly Collectible Vintage Record. Dont worry - we know what you like. If we do get it wrong, just tell us and we can sort it for you.

You can gift up to 3 albums a year to friends and family and we will send you a £10 voucher for being brilliant.

On any album we send, you can post back and we will send you a £10 Voucher so you can try something else.

But we hope as we know and understand what you love and buy, we get it right. We know you will let us share some amazing new tunes with you.


The Universe club, is we believe, the cheapest Vinyl collectors club online. 

We will only send our Album of the week, month, a BSR classic or indeed an incredible piece of original Vintage vinyl.

£19.99 monthly, or £215 annually. Either way you get a great album, and £120 of vouchers over a year to spend on Pre-Orders. 

Your new vinyl, and pre-orders at cost. Amazing savings

Exclusive Universe Merchadise.


We will say there will not be more than a 100 Universe members.

We want to track what you buy, really deliver music we think you will love and share some amazing new music.

We encourage you to share at least three albums a year with friends and family as well, and if you do - we trust you - you will get a £10 voucher for another album.

There are going to be Online and Live Black Star events, gigs, get togethers.

You can use the Black Star HQ for your special event. Let us run a listening party, cocktail night, birthday party for you/. We know a lot of the members live away from the shop - but it is a nice thing to know we are here to help you create a unioque memory.


From the very start of Black Star. Our primary goal, thought, wish. Is how can we encourage people to own their art, share it and enjoy a lifetime of new music.

We have had such an amazing first few years - it has allowed us to do this.

A club, where we all benefit from buying together.

A club where we can look forward to new ideas and music.

A club that you can get art, try it out, and change without any risk.

A club that you can share your passions with friends and family, and you still benefit.

Records at cost, new music, risk free, amazing value, unique merch, a community where we can meet, share and love.

If There are Profits from the club - they are donated to the Earth/ Percent  intiative. Working to help the music industry Carbon Neutral


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