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Frequently asked questions

Will you order a record for me if its not on the site?

Of course. We have access to over 250,000 titles in the UK. We will find it. We will get it for you. Come on – test us.

What are the main advantages of being a club member?

We are building an online and physical community of music lovers and bringing those worlds together. Our goal is to support our brilliant musicians and those that love music.

The club gives that goal a platform and place to flourish. Being a member, we work hard to ensure your vinyl orders are priced at the best prices in the online and physical record buying space. If we aren’t consistently the best priced, we will refund you the difference.

We also have developed the Black Star Records (BSR) 25, which is linked to your musical interests and purchases, so over time we can curate new and exciting music for you.

There are virual gig clubs as well. In 2021 we will be launching our members only virtual gig platform.

We sell vintage and rare records online too, giving you some incredibly discounted records that only dealers usually get access too.

Special offers from our marketplace partners, we work closely with marketplace partners to ensure you receive discounts across a range of suppliers and brand outside of Black Star Records.

And much, much more… added to the fact that our goal is to give a third of all online profits to the Music Benevolent Fund. By joining the club, you help build a community, support the artists and change how we enjoy buying vinyl for ever.

What if you haven’t got a new release on pre-order?

Let us know, there are many releases each week. If we have missed one, we will get it for you. Our goal is to curate what you want and the more you tell us, the more we will learn.

What is the Black star top 50 of the world?

When launching Black Star Records, we had at the centre of everything we do, the digital and physical joy of collecting music you can own and cherish (and not just stream and rent).

But it can be difficult to build a robust and varied collection, especially if you are starting from scratch. So, we put together the list of what we feel are the worlds top 50 most important and influential albums of all time. Get some or all of these and you’ve got a great start to collecting again.

What is the Black Star Records 25?

Well this is a fun one. All club members can state what their top 25 records are. Outside of the worlds top 50 we want to know what you love listening too and why. As we grow as a club, we will monitor and track the top 25 titles and share that with the world. Is it a statement of popularity? Maybe, but it is also a statement of influence and musical passions. By sharing what you love, our members can set the trends. The BSR 25 will be sold online and in the physical Black Star Record shops.

What if I receive a damaged record?

Well these are physical things to own. And yes, sometimes there are faults. But you can return within 28 days. No fuss and no stress. If it’s a genuine fault - not damaged by being scratched on a turntable etc., then just return and we will replace immediately. Buy with confidence and know that we want you to love and cherish these purchases forever.

Can I cancel my membership?

You can at any time, but the commitment is for 12 months of subscription. The membership offers so much, and it's important that we build the membership group so we can do what we can to support the artists and music industry.

Shipping – when and how will I get my record?

We always dispatch within 3-4 working days of the order being received. There may be some delay if we must ship from a different location from our Black Star HQ in Hampshire. But we will let you know of any delays. The record will be sent 2nd class royal mail in a protective record folder. From order to delivery, the average time is 3-4 working days.

The Black Star Records mission

Black Star Records is a business that has been born out of love. Love not only of music and the collection of it but the determination, passion and loyalty that is created from collecting and developing a physical music collection.

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