YungBlud – Weird (Indie only release)

YungBlud – Weird (Indie only release)


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Release Date:
Format: VINYL LP

  • Description

    Yungblud is a artist of both today and surely of the future. Making an immediate impact. His raw, honest and sometimes brutal approaches to his art is a truly remarkable thing to behold…“it’s a story of coming-of-age and self-acceptance and liberation, in terms of sex and gender and drugs and heartbreak and all the other twists and turns we go through in life.” likening weird! to a “skins” episode in album form, he adds, “i hope it makes people feel like it’s okay to feel out of place or twisted or weird, because life is weird—but that’s what beautiful about it. so don’t ever try to live it as someone else. live it as you.”

  • Track List

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