The Beatles - Revolver

The Beatles - Revolver


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Release Date: 5 August 1966
Format: VINYL LP
Label: EMI, London

  • Description

    Seventh studio album by the popular British rock band. The album was the Beatles' final recording project before their retirement as live performers and marked the group's most overt use of studio technology to date, building on the advances of their late 1965 release 'Rubber Soul'. The album features the classic tracks 'Eleanor Rigby', 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.

  • Track List

    Side one
    No. Title Lead vocals Length
    1. "Taxman" (*) Harrison 2:36
    2. "Eleanor Rigby" McCartney 2:11
    3. "I'm Only Sleeping" Lennon 2:58
    4. "Love You To" (*) Harrison 3:00
    5. "Here, There and Everywhere" McCartney 2:29
    6. "Yellow Submarine" Starr 2:40
    7. "She Said She Said" Lennon 2:39
    Total length: 18:33
    Side two
    No. Title Lead vocals Length
    1. "Good Day Sunshine" McCartney 2:08
    2. "And Your Bird Can Sing" Lennon 2:02
    3. "For No One" McCartney 2:03
    4. "Doctor Robert" Lennon 2:14
    5. "I Want to Tell You" (*) Harrison 2:30
    6. "Got to Get You into My Life" McCartney 2:31
    7. "Tomorrow Never Knows" Lennon 3:00
    Total length: 16:28

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